About us

About us

H.E.R.R. Foundation is dedicated to advancing education and the arts by fundraising for school supplies, scholarships, donating artwork, and enhancing the aesthetics of academic institutions through renovation and repairs of school facilities. It is our belief that the future is in our children's hands. They are our greatest most invaluable resource. As such we believe that investing in our children means investing not only in their educational environment, but also in the protection and conservation of the natural environment as well. With growing technologies and growing populations, come growing challenges for the future of our planet and the people in it. It is our priority to cultivate the growth of creative minds and equip them with the adequate skills, tools, and vision to overcome these very challenges. Our hope is that H.E.R.R. Foundation can be a positive force in the right direction.

Who helps our mission?

We rely on Individual donors, businesses, and other foundations to help us carry out our mission of improving the educational environment through the beautification of spaces, workshops, scholarships and more. We look forward to partnering with leaders of communities and corporations who believe in sustainable business and the importance of the arts to strengthen our educational environments. This cultivation, involvement and integration of individuals, communities, and institutions has proved to be an integral part of the growth of both H.E.R.R. Foundation and the communities that we serve. It is our hope that our collective efforts and work may inspire others to get involved.

We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Our team